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With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, many of us are curious to know about how cannabis will impact our country outside of its recreational use; how will it generate revenue, create jobs, and influence the medical industry. Luckily for me, one of my really good friends has recently entered the Cannabis investment world, and at the age of 25, Nathan’s accumulated knowledge in this industry makes him an expert in a space that is shifting North America’s relationship with Cannabis.
Like I’ve shared before, there’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing my friends thrive in their respective fields of practice that is different than mine, as a result, I get the privilege to learn from them. Nathan is what I call a unicorn, who shines among the mass. He is a business school graduate, and holds what I’ve always perceived as a very high IQ. He has a thirst for knowledge, so much that Nathan is hands down one of the most dedicated and hardworking man I know of his age group. He did the 9-5 corporate life for two years, left that behind to now split his calendar year between Canada and Central/South America to disrupt the Cannabis industry. Working with Franchise Cannabis, which raised over $26 million, Nathan is a real G when it comes to the international medical cannabis industry and investments ...
Full interview, listen here: iTunes // Spotify

What does a busy week look like for you
A lot of my time is spent on calls, in meetings, in between I work on legal contracts, investment presentations, and building the business.
Who is Nathan
Something that is very core to me is business. Growing up, my father was always a businessman, he’s an entrepreneur who left the corporate world. I grew up exposed to his library and reading his books on business. Something that changed my trajectory was after graduating from university, I did a motorcycle trip throughout Latin America. I started in Chile, bought a motorcycle, and drove across the Andes, Buenos Aires, saw Rio, Uruguay, I saw many beautiful things. That’s when I decided that, when I go back to work in Toronto in finance, I didn’t want to be a corporate guy for the rest of my life. When I went into corporate, I worked in the mining industry, which was tanking over the past few years since the recession. So, when one of my buddies moved to Columbia and founded a cannabis company, I decided to take a shot at being an international businessman. Now, I’m on the road 70 to 80% of the time.
What is the business that you’re building
I was working in corporate investment banking for about 2 years. About a year and an a half ago, I quit my job and ventured in the Cannabis space for a company that was the first to get licensing in Columbia to grow and extract medical cannabis. Since then, that company went public on the Toronto stock exchange early last year (2018). That gave me a launching pad to jump into a new company called Franchise Cannabis, founded this past May. We are now operating in over four countries, and looking to expand to other countries using the same model as the other business, which is growing cannabis at low cost, extracting it into medical cannabis applications and oils.

You seem to work in very controversial sectors
To make any arguments about any sector, you need to read the literature first. I’m pretty confident in my ethical stance on medical cannabis. It has been proven now that it is effective and good for you. With our current business (Franchise Cannabis), we purposely picked places in the world where the plant can grow all year around, like Uruguay where 90% of its economy is agriculture based, we grow hemp seeds. Columbia, we will be growing THC and CBD, psychoactive and non-psychoactive component of cannabis, respectively. In both countries there’s great weather, where we can grow cannabis at the 10th of the cost in comparison to Canada. All that we’re doing, is handling the oil production. We are not selling the plant itself directly to anybody. With this oil (CBD), we aim to sell to companies throughout the world like Europe, where they produce medical creams for things like inflammation and pain management. The THC is psychoactive but helps with things like nausea. The recreational side of cannabis is more controversial, and it’s something that every nation will have to grapple with. But the CBD oil has so many advantages, to epilepsy and mental health. We get to push that forward at a low cost through different products accessed to patients.
Cannabis CBD vs. THC
The cannabis plant is extremely complex. There are over 100 different cannabinoid compounds inside the plant, with different effects in the body. Back in the 80s, a scientist extracted something out of the cannabinoid called THC. This is the only thing that affects your mind in terms of psychoactivity (‘the high’). The second most common cannabinoid is CBD, which is often used in medical research.The latter doesn’t affect your mind, and has many medical benefits. One of the biggest barriers right now in the biotech side, there isn’t enough (cannabis) compound for people to study and research on the medical side.
Investing (or not) in Cannabis
There is two ways that you can invest, passive or active. Passive investing would be like Index funds, where you put money into a pool of funds that has a bunch of companies’ stocks into one. You should go up and down along with the market, typically it goes down 5-7%. If you don’t want to put the time into studying anything, save as much as possible and put it into index. Number 2, if you want to put in the effort and build wealth, you have to learn an industry. Opportunities that you often see everyday, comes from your general understanding. For example, if you’re into fashion, really learning about the latest trends and being able to capitalize on that. The third one is to build a network, with people in business, start to think in business terms, and finding opportunities.

Before, I used to only talk to people in corporate and network with them. But then I realized, I was limiting my network. That’s when I started talking to people starting businesses, and looking at opportunities within disruptive industries like cannabis, or biotech. That really changed my life, seeing and learning about new opportunities before everyone else does, that’s what creates investment opportunities.
On networking…
I wasn't always good at it. I started listening to Jim Rohn, who would always say ‘you attract what you become’. I used to be someone that would meet up with people for coffee, and be taking, never giving back to those that I was meeting. You always want to have a relationship of give-and-take. Whether its energy, network, different insights, so in the last couple of years I’ve focused a lot more on becoming a better person. That’s the key to giving back. So that, when you meet with people to network, you take the time to learn an industry, become relevant in it, and meet with people by giving them back some of your learned knowledge, in exchange for their networks.
What legacy do you want leave on this earth?
I want to be remembered for creating businesses that really changed the world. In the for-profit space, making an impact on consumers. In the nonprofit world, I have been involved in a project in rural Zimbabwe. Nathan is a visionary guy, who uses enterprises to build projects for the good of the world.
Three words to describe yourself
Creative. Passionate. Driven.
For the full interview, where Nathan talks about avoiding entrepreneurial burnout, his bottom line not being (only) profit driven, and using his creativity to take an idea from nothing to a full operating business, listen here: iTunes // Spotify


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