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On November 5th (2018), which was my last day in paris (FR), I had the chance to interview for my Lets Talk podcast segments. Claire, is the cofounder of parisian Atelier Nubio boutique. Not only is Claire the sweetest and one of the most kind-hearted woman I have ever met, but she is also a hustler and mom. Atelier boutique aims to curate wellness and beauty products made by female founders from all over the world, mostly European brands, into one space that also sells delicious cold pressed juices, that I had the chance of trying out and loved it!

For full interview, listen here: iTunes // Spotify

How did you get started?
I started as an online company, where people would order cold pressed juice cleanses on demand, and delivered them all over France. We were two female founders at the time, and today, we are of Atelier Nubio. Eventually we had a lot of requests from stores, and we had this space as an office where we were making the juices, which is a cool spot in a quaint area of Paris. After two years as an office, we decided to open something more public, as a physical store. Since we already had a cold pressed healthy juice company, we decided to marry it with a holistic concept store for all things health products related. Before we sell these products, we meet the founders and test the products, to make sure that we believe in them.
What else do you do with this space?
We create our cold pressed juices in house. Every month we hold events gathering mostly women, for different talks and topics, and so far we have had 5 talks and it was a great success. This idea of gathering in a space and talk about uncommon topics like sex with a sex therapist as a guest, body positivity, is not very popular in Paris. Our next topic will be on starting your own company.
What did you study in school, and how has it lead you to where you are now?
I went to school for business, and after graduating I worked in corporate, but I hated it. I did not suit any companies for which I worked for, even when I was excited at the start with a new team and new environment, but after a while I was so bored. I like to work hard, but not diplomatic by nature. It is very hard for me to do something that I don’t want to do. I am not a good employee, but I hope that I am a good boss.

How did you meet your cofounder?
We met at a startup where we previously worked. I was so impressed by her work ethic, and ability to manage people. We have very complimentary experiences and skills. We started this business a bit naïve, but with an incredible energy, we managed. When you have a feeling that it is the right thing to do, this was five years ago, and here we are today. She handles the nutrition and design of our business; I handle the client engagement and customer success part. We are both moms now, and we were pregnant at the same time, it was not something that we planned at the time. This year, she gave birth to her second baby.
How do you select products that you sell on your shelves?
California products look so much more exciting, but that’s only because when you see things made on the other side of the ocean, they always appear more exciting than the ones on your side of the world. How we select these products, is still new, but I have hired a staff member who helps me select these products. First and foremost, the products have to be made by female founder companies, and they have to be organic. We make sure that, when these products say that they’re ethical, its no BS, we really do our research on its environmental impact. We have to share the same values with the products we sell. We also love to meet the products owners. It is a very personal selection. It is a combination of us liking the products; strong values align, no BS, and have a human contact. We interview every single product founder, about what holistic living means to them and their products.
Who is your target customer…
We cater to a niche. This customer, she is a very independent woman. She knows what she wants, and loves a perfect life experience. She is a lawyer, or CEO, or has her own companies, in her thirties with or without kids. She knows exactly what she wants. The male customer is a bit older. Very independent. He thinks that he can do it all, career driven, so he does an intense cleanse for a few days. He has an excess life, and knows that he needs to take care of his health.
Best advice you ever received?
Try to sell your products before it is ready. Second, everybody has ideas, its how you execute it that matters. Third, not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, if you are happy working at another company, why leave your job?
What legacy would you like to leave on this earth?
I would love to be known as a great writer, and novelist. A very generous woman, who spent time with people with lots of potential, but just need coaching.
Three words to describe yourself?

Wannabe. Independent. Woman

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