What Sheryl taught me ‘Let’s Lean In' effas

If you haven’t already read the book Lean In, you’re extremely behind. This book is so good, it has its own organization (#Goals). The author, Sheryl Sanberg is what I like to call ‘Bomb-diggity-status’. From being the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Facebook, to losing the love of her life, a man who exemplified what every woman ought to look for in a loving and supportive husband, the Book ‘Lean In’ is for both men and women of the 21st century to read. It is so good, I forced my dad to read it and he loved it! Yet again, my father is a feminist, he just doesn’t like to be affiliated with the word, along with every other individual in the 21st century who rips from the benefits of feminism.

Lesson 1. Women must learn the odds and barriers that they have to face. Remember, ignorance is a cancer to the intellect. You thinking that women don’t face any barriers to move up the latter in their careers, or the judgement they get if they choose to be a housewife, believe me, it is a battlefield out there.
Lesson 2. Women do not support other women, we are our very own worst enemy. Funny enough, people often associate my personality with ‘socially-masculine tendencies’. Consequently, my boldness and confidence is preserved as a threat to many men, I don’t really care because that makes you a little boy not a man. As well, many women have criticized me for being overconfident and ‘too much’, some even encouraged me to be more ‘meek’. Even worst, in my masters studies in public health, a field that attracts a massive amount of Type A women, my female classmates were freakin cray-cray jealous effas! Seeing other women succeed, either from getting a job opportunity or better grades, made my classmates crazy jealous and competitive! This is not surprising, considering the fact that 53% of caucasian women voted for Donald Trump over Hilary.

Lesson 3. Women should seek male mentorships. I have always been close to my dad, and go to him for every little piece of advice that I need in life. Inevitably, it is easy for me to reach out to men for advice. I do it not necessarily because they’re men, but men do have an easier access to social advantages that allow them to move up the latter in careers, unlike women who I find have to make a lot more sacrifices. Going to men for advice, as a woman, it really creates an internal boldness in you. Men, unlike women, have been socially trained to go after whatever they want, however they want. Women we have been trained to be apologetic, insecure and doubt ourselves. Women learning from men through mentorship, is a great way to tap into the mind of the opposite sex. Last, I want to stress that men should also seek mentorship from women. Men-Women mentorship should not be seen as an over sexualized perverted idea, it should be celebrated.

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