When it’s time to leave your 9-5 job

Last year when I worked at a job that I didn't like but felt like I had too because I got rejected by over 80 job applications, so I felt like I had to stick with it so that my resumé didn't look so plain to future employers. On month 8 of my 9-5 job that I got after graduation, aI had given myself the three weeks mark to hand in my letter of resignation. This was a tricky decision as I had just purchased my first car, I created a savings budget for me to stick too, and I was starting to get comfortable with having a regular bi-weekly salary drop directly into my bank account. However, I had given myself three specific goals at the month 1 mark of my job here, and once those goals were reached, I told myself that I would move onto the next job or project.

After applying to endless amounts of jobs and getting rejected by what I thought were my ‘ideal jobs’, I told myself that on April 1st, 2017 I will apply for my last ‘dream job’, if I don’t get that one, I will stay at my current job until I find myself path. But then, I went back to my drawing board, only to realize that I had reached my initial three goals at the start of this job, so what now? Luckily for me, I just checked my email inbox, and I got the good news that I received a social enterprise seed fund for a project that I pitched to a global health Canadian government-based enterprise yearly competition (Grand Challenges Canada Social Innovators grand) the previous year. Therefore, once I leave my current job, I will move onto focusing 100% on my own startup.

Funny enough, I treated every other job application like a life or death situation; if I don’t get it then my life is over. Yet getting this 12 months enterprise seed fund was the one opportunity that I applied too and totally forgot about it, but in the end it worked out to be the one opportunity that felt the most right. The 9-5 life isn’t for me, I hate it, so all of the other job rejections I encountered throughout the year might have just been a blessing in disguise. Plus, my hope is that, everything that I learned at my current job; whether its the organizational structure, IT computer system, market supply-demand structure, these acquired skills will be transferable to my next ventures. All of this to say, the job market didn’t seem to open itself to me, instead, I will open my doors by launching my own enterprise, this is some #BossLady status type of ishhh.

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