What Is Self Care To You?

The back and forth traveling between Congo and Canada, is really having a toll on my body. While in Congo, I am easily able to practice ‘slow living’, but struggling to keep it up while in Toronto. So, I took the last three weeks off the blog to get recharged and focused on re-establishing a routine while in Toronto, to continue working on my business remotely, while continuing to enjoy the things I was doing in Congo like listening to podcasts, journaling daily, and eating healthy. This is why; I started to think about the concept of self-care and what does it mean to me and to others.

For me, it includes the following & I’d advise you to try some of these:
1. Slow morning: cooking a delish healthy breakfast or having a bowl of fruits, journaling, planning my day
2. Wellness: working out for at least an hour/day, skin care routine, deep breaths throughout the day
3. Quality time: alone daily, and with loved ones at least 2x a week.

4. Feed your soul & thoughts: read a good book a week, listen to an empowering podcast, or watch a docuseries on an unfamiliar topic.

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