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As a daughter of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and now Canadian for almost 20 years, I love seeing other young Africans thrive in their crafts and bring awareness of our culture to the greater mass. Yvonne is a kind soul, and really vibrant person who has branded herself as the ultimate ‘African diaspora’ queen through her Kscope platform. The Kscope has become a technology application tool where you can find all things African arts, services, fashion, and lifestyle news at your fingertips. This is truly impressive, especially when considering Yvonne’s background from her university journey to now building this well-known brand. Having the pleasure to sit down and chat with Yvonne was delightful and really inspiring, because her passion and gentleness is truly contagious…

Q1. Who is Yvonne? What are you about?
A.My name is Yvonne. I have a platform called the Kscope in Canada, where we promote everything ‘African’, from all things fashion to all creatives. I started the Kscope as the lead curator on this platform, which started as the Kaleidoscope for its colours and patterns like African prints, and now its been shorten to Kscope.

Q2. What made you start the Kscope?
A.When I started the Kscope, I was living in Sudbury (Ontario). There wasn’t a lot of African events, but I started meeting some african students and associations, so there were some african diaspora unions. That’s when I started wanting to promote all things African. I remember I first heard about the first African shop opening in the city of Sudbury, I jumped on the next bus available to interview the owner of the first african boutique in Sudbury. This interview was later featured on the Kscope and got so many hits. Usually, my peers would go to Toronto (4 hours drive away from Sudbury), and ask me if I needed anything purchased from an african shop, and now with this newly opened store, I was like ‘no need to do that, I can purchase it in Sudbury through this newly opened shop’. That is when, people started asking me for referrals to this shop to purchase any african goods, because I was so active in the community through my platform.

I also started working at the local International office, as a way to bridge the gap between the african international students and the local canadian international office. From the start, I always wore my african prints around campus, and people were always commenting on how beautiful it is, which made me realize the need to promote african culture. Shortly after, I was nominated at the Toronto African Fashion Show, and later on recognize by CBC, and now we are a full on business.

Q3. What are you hoping to achieve with the Kscope?
A.We are branding ourselves as a marketing agency for brands and creatives within the African space in the western market. We are a commission based service promoting startups that fits within our brand. All business owners who have created their crafts, and need a platform to promote their work for the African diaspora, call us!

Q4.What is a limitation that you have seen with African talents, that the Kscope is able to bridge that gap?
A.The support. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, the same applies to a business. Starting off the Kscope, people didn’t really see its worth at first until I started getting the recognition for it. That is why I started this platform, for people to see these talented african brands and give these talented creatives the recognition they deserve. You see so many stores that sell the same style and clothing items, and you wonder why? Because, they have a growing following supporting them. As the Kscope grows, we want to become that support system for these talented african creatives who have gold like ideas. Like a startup who now offer african foods delivered to your door, this is genius, especially during the winter when it’s extremely cold. Another business involves booking a glam squad available to you at your front door. My brand is for the people, by the people.

Q5. Three words to describe yourself
A.Passionate. Vibrant. Impactful

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