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One of the best advice ever given to me by my father is: ‘a poor man dies from one source of money, a rich man dies with multiple portfolios’. Truthfully, in today’s economy, us Generation Y folks can’t always afford to make large investments yielding large returns each month, at least not until our 40s. Until then, you can do side hustles outside of your 9-5 job or school to generate more money for your pockets. Here are 3 side hustles I have successfully done that really helped me financially, and overtime became a consistent second income:

1. Airbnb - I know some people are scared of the idea of strangers staying in their home, or renting out a room while they are there, but this website is a powerful tool. What I admire the most about Airbnb, they’ve structured their website so that it’s very user-friendly to open an account, link it to your bank account (to get paid), and communicate easily with future clients while they handle most of your marketing. There are other sites similar to Airbnb now, you can post your place/rooms in multiple sites to maximize your chances of getting more clients, as Airbnb is becoming saturated depending on your area.

Key things to running a successful Airbnb: have beautiful pictures of your place on their site, quickly response to client inquiry through their site, price yourself competitively to surrounding houses/rooms near you, hold the same standard to your home cleanliness and housing items as seen in a simple hotel.

2. Elderly Food Delivery - This may sound like a lunatic idea to some, but I made a lot of money in my final year of high school doing this. I reached out to three Long-Term Assistance living condominiums in boujee neighbourhoods, offered their concierge that I’m willing to go grocery shopping on behalf of their clients, if they give me a shopping list. They accepted and I did it for 1.5 years until I left for Uni. I charged an extra commission rate, depending on the exhaustive grocery list & driving distance, I factored in my gas cost too.

In university, local farms had a similar concept. Where you could deliver organic farm foods to clients who placed an order.

3. Bilingual (Conversation) Services - Now, this is only beneficial to those who speak more than one language, for me it was French, the second official Canadian language. I made cheap posters on Word and wrote very simple cold contact emails to libraries, schools, nonprofit organizations, staffing agencies, all of these often looked for bilinguals to translate their documents or sometimes tutor people. I found most of my clients through the staffing agency, where they would send me their clients for me to have weekly conversations with them in order to prep them for French speaking job interviews.

I even began to tutor youth through the local library, in exchange for their parents to give me money that I used to micro-finance widows living with HIV in Congo.

There are so many other side hustles out there, like resume writing, borrowing a camera & doing some basic portfolio photography, starting a call centre from your home and doing calls for a small local company willing to outsource their calls to you. It’s just a matter of being observant of your surrounding, by noticing what are areas of opportunities & needs that people are willing to pay for, and turn that into a service that you can deliver.

Be sure to use this simple business plan to craft your idea: LINK

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