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There is nothing that I enjoy more than going to the bookstore on Sunday evenings to buy the ‘on sell’ books on the counter for like 5$. Usually, those are romantic comedy fictional books, but I often splurge a little on biographies or self-help books. I have compiled a list of my top 5 recommended must read books that I strongly believe will help motivate, inspire and encourage you to be your best self:

Shonda - The - Queen!!! Producer and writer for some of today’s most watched television shows (How to Get away with Murder, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy), Shonda Rhymes has a level of confidence that I just love and admire so much. In this book, she pretty much unravels who she is as a person, and how her authentic-confidence is what got her where she is today. Did I mention her ability to make political statements on Grey’s anatomy and Scandal, with the use of creative writing and directing, QUEEN SHONDA!

I am obsessed with Dr. Paul Farmer, anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Paul Farmer. I first read this book during my final year of undergraduate, a friend of mine heard my thirst to change the social-health outcome of the african nations but I didn’t know how to make a first move, and voila this book fell to my lap. Every since, I started following the work of Partners In Health, I creep Jim Kim on Twitter, and I met Paul Farmer during my final year of my master’s studies at an Anthropology conference and I tried really hard not to cry, but I froze and couldn’t speak when I met him.

Mandela marked history in so many ways. This book is especially symbolic for me, because my dad got it for me upon my first visit in South Africa back in grade 10 high school when we spent the christmas holidays in Johannesburg as a family. I visited Mandela’s prison, and saw the hard work of black South Africans as a product of the apartheid freedom, it gave me hope as one who aspires to make a global impact for the congolese nation.

If you are anything like me and have that entrepreneurial crave within you but don’t know how to proceed with starting your own business, this book breaks down and simplifies how to build a multi-billion dollar business from the ground up. It’s also really funny reading about Sophia’s sense of humour as a liberal thinker.

This book is for every male and female 21st century progressive thinker. It completely shifted my perspective on how I perpetuate to certain social gender segregated conducts, that continue to cripple women from moving forward. It also gave me a better vision of what type of husband I want in the near future; a confident supporter.

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