Addictive Habits Killing Your productivity

The 21st century has made us addicted to our gadgets. So much that, when my phone is dead and left uncharged for more than two hours, I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), only to find out once my phone is charged, that nobody called or texted me the entire time I was giving myself anxiety about it. What’s even worse, lately I am noticing myself procrastinating more on my goals, and pushing back my tasks further and further away, and only dealing with it once things escalate. So, I have decided to map out the top four horrible habits that I really need to give up, in order to be more productive.
  1. Disabling email inbox on your cellphone. I check my phone a bigillion times a day to keep up with business opportunities, job openings, conference calls. I could simply dedicate an hour or two each end of the day to check my emails, and answer them calmly rather than checking my inbox obsessively every half hour of the day.
  2. Removing Instagram and Twitter from my phone feed. Not only does social media make us more hermet-like, defeating the purpose of having a social network, taking note of the amount of time spent on social media versus time that could be spent exercising, journaling, reading a book, or being productive getting things done that could get you closer to achieving your life dreams and goals.
  3. Not sleeping next to my cell phone. Addiction to my phone has become so bad, that the first and last thing I do when in bed each morning and night, is to check my phone. The old school alarm is nowhere to be found, I wouldn’t even know where to buy it, well I have my phone as an alarm. However, having your cell phone in bed will lead to more time wasted on social media and useless email inboxes that makes gets you nowhere in life.
Everything in life should be in moderation. Cellphones exist for a reason, and serve a great purpose, but the moment the majority of our lives is spent on these gadgets and less time is spent on getting things done or enjoying the outdoors, there is a problem.

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