#SelfLove - What Do You Love About Yourself?

Externally, I love my body and everything about it that makes me unique. I love my skin tone, my height, my legs, even my small wrists. I've been body confident from a young age and I thank my environment for nurturing that. I like that I look different. I would never want to look like anyone else and I wish that more people would say the same.

Internally, I believe those around me appreciate my kindness and desire to help others. I avoid conflict at all costs and I will make sacrifices to ensure the happiness of others. I am a naturally giving person so this has always come easy to me. Some may say that it's not the best approach but I only want everyone to be happy and enjoy life as much as I do.

I love everything about myself, but if I have to really choose particular external features, I would say that I have really good skin, I have a pretty smile and my eyes.

Internally I would say, I love the fact that I have a big heart. and I extend a lot of grace onto others, and forgive easily. I am a very compassionate person. Heartfelt person. Down to earth person, and that’s what I love about myself.

Not my butt, because it is flat as a wall. So much that sometimes you can’t even grab it (lol). I would say my eyes, because they’re big. When playing with my makeup, I am really able to make them (my eyes) pop.

That’s easy, I love my personality. Just to be straight up, I haven’t found anybody else who has my personality. Because of my background as a muslim-canadian, I am able to project myself in a humorous way because of that and I love that about myself. I sometimes think that I am the funniest person in the room (lol).

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