Ideation Cheat Sheet

Millennial have completely redefined the way we view a ‘business woman or man’. It is no longer the cookie cutter guy in a suit working in Wall Street. Instead, there is a cohort of us that would rather turn our laptops into our brainchild, where ideas are shaped and executed, with businesses that have an ‘impact-driven’ lens.

While in Congo (DRC), many have emailed and texted me asking to write a blog post about a how-to-guide to start your own project (business/startup/non-profit). My current project in the DRC (Stats Congo), has kicked off and I feel like I am past the ideation phase, onto the implementation stage of my project, that’s why I now hold the credibility to share a one page cheat sheet that I have used throughout the years to execute all of my ideas.

Follow this link to upload the ideation sheet: HUSTLER SHEET

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