Grad Series: You are your problem; you are your resolution

Watched Bridesmaid last Saturday night (#SingleLife), and this quote “You are your problem; you are your resolution” was mentioned in the movie scene where the lead actress was victimizing herself about the sad outcome of her life circumstances and her friend smacked her to give her a wake up call.

A few months ago, at my old job, my colleague gave me a bit of tough love, which is what I needed, and I started balling my eyes out, again, I must learn to not cry in the professional world. He told me that, just like me five years ago, it took him 1 year and 4 months of continuously applying to jobs, not getting hired, then taking a meaningless job where he was given endless amounts of promotions with no pay increase, to now getting hired as marketing exec at the current company where I am work in Consumer Experience. Hearing him tell me that I am victimizing myself, was a serious wake up call. To be honest, I have been reflecting on how exhausting it is to keep hearing my own negative thoughts, complaining, and letting my life outcomes rob me of my joy.

For anyone who is at a job that they only took for the time being, or feel like their current life circumstances are not going according to plan, especially to my fellow millennials, here is what I learned today:

  1. Don’t play the victim. Just like I have to learn and accept that the job market sucks, I have to learn and accept that life isn’t fair and no one ever told me that it would me. So toughen up.
  2. Seek growth, identify and/or create new opportunities. I am working for a small health company that I am not passionate about the work they do, however, I have been wanting to transition into business acumen and move away from the ‘public only’ sector of health, my current job gives me that exposure. Plus, the advantage of a small company, if you work really hard, you will grow at a quicker speed than you would at a corporation, where you’re nothing but a number.
  3. You are your only solution. You don’t like your job but you have to keep it to pay the bills, or in my case, gain experience and not leave my resumé empty for too long. Get a side hustle or gig in something that will drive your passion, outside of work. If you think that someone will come and hand you an opportunity, honey I have learned the hard way, that nobody will hand you the key to your life solution, you have to find it.

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