You Are What You Eat

I have battled with psoriasis for years, and I still don’t know how to cure it. All I know is: (1) It’s an inflammatory immune-disease, (2) it is vitamin-D (the sun vitamin) fearing, (3) The darker your skin, the harder it is for you to absorb vitamin D, so taking supplements daily is key, (4) Omega-3 and fish oils helps. Altogether, I have to be dependant on these things for the rest of my life, and make peace with the fact that my psoriasis can get severe and lead to loss of pigmentation in certain parts of my body, dandruff-like flakes appear within 48 hours of washing my hair, and my skin may suffer from severe psoriasis depending on the season of the year.

While in living in Congo for the next few months, I am making a conscious effort to eat healthy, take care of skin and get back in shape. While doctors cannot confirm the direct correlation between psoriasis and my diet, I am aware of the fact that I have always battled with acne, weight gain, oily skin on my face and dry for the rest of my body. I am also lactose and gluten sensitive, I know this because each time I consume anything with those two food ingredients, I get bloated.

The beautiful thing about Congo is its natural vegetation and beautiful temperature, which leads to an incredible soil that is very fertile. As part of my self-care routine, I have been exercising daily by hiking twice a week and now I am attempting to run at least 2-5 kilometres a week. This exercise routine will be complimented with eating a well balance meal throughout the day, with limited ‘bad’ carbohydrates and more legumes and fruits. Here are some quick, simple and easy recipes that I have been putting together while picking fresh veggies and fruits from my backyard:

Mango Salad
·      Hard Mango (not too ripped)
·      Yellow and Red Peppers
·      Lemon
·      Chilli flakes and a pinch of salt

            Roasted Veggies
·      2 Medium size eggplants
·      1 onion
·      2 Medium size green peppers
·      Chilli flakes and a pinch of salt

Roast in the oven with some olive oil at 250 Celsius temperature for 20 minutes, and eat it with a piece of salmon or chicken breast. And Voilà!

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