2018 #Goals

Greetings from Kisantu, Congo (DRC). While the year 2017 had its blessings, it also had many challenges that I can now look back at and know that those stumbling blocks built my character for the better. Looking ahead at the year 2018, I am kicking things off on a very strong note by spending half of the year in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where I am as we speak, working on an exciting project that I will be documenting throughout the year.

While most people do New Year resolutions, which I usually give up by week #3 in the first month of the year. Instead, I have decided to go ahead and identify three concrete goals and implementation strategies that I want to achieve by the end of the year:
  • Talk less, listen more is so hard for me to do but I have spent the last few weeks really thinking about this, and it is something that I really need to work on in my character. As a native-Congolese, talking over people, yelling and pretty much dominating the conversation whenever you are with people, is all that I know. While I do not intend on ever becoming meek and so introverted that I become too isolated, although I’d love to marry a social introvert; the more you think before you speak, the more insightful your fewer spoken words become.
o   Implementation Strategy – When gathered in a social setting, let one or two people talk before I do. This gives me time to ask myself: ‘Is what I am about to say going to bear any fruits to this conversation? Or should I simply contribute to the conversation by listening?’

  •  Take on fewer projects, and succeed at them because after all as a human being, it is practically impossible to split your focus between too many things all at once, or else you are forced to give less than 100% into everything that you do. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and I love that about myself, but I often get overly excited about a new idea at the start, within a short few weeks the hype dies down and I am no longer committed to what I started, this is not sustainable.
o   Implementation Strategy – In my writing journal last November (2017), I wrote down three small social venture businesses that I would like to tackle this year. The first one I am implementing in Congo as we speak, the other two will be implemented in June and October, with metrics of successes for each projects as a way to hold myself accountable. That’s it for the year.

  • Relationship Building in terms of intimate-romantic relationships was never something that I would advise anyone to prioritize; after all doesn’t love just come to you? Not so much, especially if you are ‘tunnel vision’ about your career like I’ve been my entire life. While my career and ambition will always fuel within me, as its origins are rooted in the fact that I am from a third world country where I saw too many social inequities at a young age and I was fortunate enough to immigrate Canada. Now, I have reached a point in my career where being in a relationship can be complimentary to my career rather than a distraction.
o   Implementation Strategy – While I admire those who are courageous enough to go after their potential mate, I am a bit more traditional in my approach. I will work on bettering myself while still enjoying the things that I love to do (cooking, tennis, hiking, volunteering), and hope that my character growth and authenticity will attract the right partner.

What are your three goals, not resolutions, this year?

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