Travelling Like A Boss

Asheville, North Carolina

I love travelling, doesn't everyone? Luckily for me, I have chosen a career (global health) and lifestyle that allows me to travel throughout the world. People often ask me, how do I afford to travel so often without my parents paying for it? There is actually a strategy to my travels.
Atlanta, Georgia
Here is the strategy:

  1. Travel Fund is something that I started while in my first year of undergraduate studies at the age of 18 when I was working in retail part-time, while juggling a full-time course load. Each paycheque, I asked the bank to take $50, and put it into a separate savings account with a hire interest withdraw rate. This approach is best because, not only was it not a hassle to put away $50 bi-weekly, but it is never a good idea to budget your travels on a surplus; ‘on my next paycheque, I will use it entirely towards my trip’ or ‘at the end of the year when we have enough money left after paying all of our bills, the remaining of the money will go to my trip’, you will never travel.
  2. Travel Where You Have Friends and Family that way you can avoid hotel or hostel fees. This is also a great way to reconnect with friends and family members that you have not seen in a long time.
  3. Minimize Luxury While Travelling because it will put stress on your finances upon returning from your travels. Ultimately when travelling as a young millennial, you should travel for the experience not for the glamour. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to swim over the mediterranean sea with friends, which would require a yacht, but when you are in your mid-twenties it is unfeasible to afford that out of your own pockets. Instead, do a backpack trip throughout western Europe, or go to central america or Asia, where the local cost of living is really cheap in comparison to the western economy so you end up spending less.
  4. Choose A Career that allows you to occasionally travel. I work in the field of global health, a branch of international development, where I get to work in areas in the world where not many people get to travel too. Consequently, I sometimes work as a consultant, where employers pay for my airfares, hotel, and food stipend to work with various stakeholders and communities.

Los Angels, California
I hope this inspires you to travel more, and realize that with enough discipline and planning, you can travel as a millennial and still be frugal. Be sure to check my full travel guide, to inspire your next travels.

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