How to Be The Best You

We often go through life living in an unsatisfying routine, so we find ourselves not content with where we are at and do nothing to get out of that funk. For others, it is an ongoing pattern of searching for our identity and purpose in life, but often lacking direction or guidance. This past weekend, I co-hosted a brunch that seeks to gather a group young inspiring women from different life backgrounds and practices, in hope of sharing networks and experiences on how to ‘Be The Best You’. I was humbled and encouraged to hear from these women’s experiences, vulnerability, and victories. Some of the emerging themes from the brunch included the following:

  • Turning your weaknesses and struggles in victories
We all encounter challenges and obstacles, how are you using those tough circumstances into a powerful stories that can fuel change in your life.

  • How to leave a legacy on this earth: Having the responsibility to inspire others
Identify how you want to be remembered upon leaving this earth, and live according to it. Each of us have the responsibility to live purposefully, which includes being an example to others in some capacity.

  • Shutting down internal negative voices
We often think so negatively of ourselves, and fabricate fictional truths that we then talk about it outloud as if these internal ‘lies’ were facts. It is key to continuously turn negative thoughts, into positive affirmations.

  • Discerning temporary circumstances, versus long lasting life situations
Whenever we encounter a challenge, it is so easy to think of it as a permanent situation, when in reality these hardships only represent a small glimpse of our time on this earth. Just remember: ‘This too shall pass’.

  • Speaking of your aspirations and dreams into affirming truths
Dare to dream, dare to aspire, without doubts. It is so easy to say ‘I want to be financially wealthy, but I know that’s impossible’. Well, no it is not impossible, but it does require you to believe that it is possible, have a plan that outlines objectives that will get you to financial prosperity, and live accordingly.

Words cannot express how encouraging and uplifting it is to be gathered with a room of inspiring women, who have the boldness to share their vulnerability and triumphs.

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