A Millennial Life Coach - Laura O.

There is so much excitement when I witness my friends pursue their dreams. Laura and I have been friends for years, since grade 11 high school to be exact. Now, she is pursuing a career path as a life coach, more importantly, branding herself as a female leader and influencer within the young black community (as Diddy would say: #BlackExcellence). I strongly believe that, for many of us, success is less about the money (that is important too in order to gain power, which many in the black community don’t have access too), it is more about using our position of privilege to inspire our community. Especially people of colour, there aren’t many young women of colour in the media to look up too. I could not have been more proud of Laura, for recently hosting her first empowerment event, where she gathered strong young women in the Canadian community, to share their story and inspire others to be their utmost best and reach for the stars.

It was an obvious choice to reach out to Laura, and conduct an interview with her, I really believe that all of us, including myself, could learn a lot from Laura. To be honest, I am just excited to hear more about her growth, and what lead her to this point of her life.

For Laura’s full podcast interview, give it a listen here: #LetsTalk Podcast

Q1. What Made You Go Into Life Coaching?

Truth be told I have always enjoyed coaching in some shape or form. Every job that I have had, whether it was working at McDonalds during my teens, I was coaching there. After I graduated from university in Criminal Justice, I thought that I was going to become a lawyer, but that didn't happen. I realized that I didn’t want to pursue that career path, although everyone told me to pursue law. I had no career plans, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I didn’t know who I was. 

I ended up working in finance for two years, but it came to a point where I hated my job. I knew that, the pressure I felt working in that environment didn't feel right. I saw a woman working for there (finance company), she worked there for two years and I was like ‘I can’t believe she is still working here for ten year, this cannot be me’. I know so many people who are at the same job for years, and hate it, but stick around and it becomes a routine. That is why; I decided to break the routine early, instead of eventually turning 33 and hating my life. I ended up quieting my job in finance.

For two months, I was going to the library, lying to my parents that I was going to work, and spending my days reading books about life coaching. That is when it hit me that life coaching is something that I really enjoyed, and realizing that I could make a career out of this.

Q2. What Is Life Coaching? How Do You Define Life Coaching?

It is somebody who helps you achieve your personal life goals. For my realm of practice, I deal with someone who is a recent graduate, and does not know what to do with his or her life. Let’s talk about you as a whole, not just your career, but you as an entire person.

Q3. Do You See A Gap Within The Black Community, The Need For Young Black Women To Have Mentors? How Do You Suggest We Tackle This Gap?

It often comes down to ‘when you think that you can do better, you do better’. Black women are in such a high turmoil situation because, we see the way that the media portrays us in such a negative manner throughout different platforms, where we are often egging on each other. It’s sad because, we are (black women) all the same. We are amazing (black) women, but I think that, what will help us get to where we want to get to in life is having someone to look up too and guide us through it. Having someone who has been through whatever we have been through, to give us the right advice and suggestions, this is needed because we often receive the wrong advice from the wrong people.

That is why, the best way to bridge those gaps is building a community and networking. There is power within small communities, people do not take advantage of it. This is key to building relationships, and this can be as easy as posting on a Facebook group ‘hey guys, my name is so and so, is anybody interested in helping me’. People are very receptive to helping.

We often look through the Internet, and think that my message is not strong enough because someone is always talking about it through Youtube or Instagram. This is false.  The key thing is to get through those avenues, by sharing your own stories and building that self-confidence.

Three Words to Describe Yourself?
Empowering. Inspiring. Faithful.

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