I am the bomb, and I know it

Recently, my friend told me that, he believes we live in a world that praises being ‘insecure’. I agree. For anyone who knows me, I pride myself for being extremely confident, one of the many qualities that my parents have given me by leading by example, and I am grateful. That being said, for some stupid reason, my confidence is often perceived as a threat or intimidating to most people. I have also noticed that, confident people like and attract confident people. We praise and celebrate others, without feeling threatened or comparing ourselves to others. This is very hard for many people, especially in a generation where social media has fictionally convinced us that we are closer to one another by becoming certified digital creeps that are far too involved in people’s lives by liking other people’s pictures, but in reality we are envying others. Some don’t like your pictures, but let me tell ya, they are creeping your feed day and night, and secretly imagining themselves living your life.

I reject the idea that being confident, bold and expressive about it, is a bad thing. I also think that it is important to know the difference between being an insecure person, versus having insecurities. The latter is part of human nature, the first is a selfish trait that I think is deadly to your psych. Those who identify as being ‘insecure’ may hate me for saying it, but no one owes you self-confidence or self-love, it has to come from within you first. Now, I know that some people had a hard upbringing where abuse might have triggered being insecure, I have compassion for them but here, I am referring to those who love to get sucked into the millennial culture of self-pitty, and letting the small things get in the way of their progress in life.

If you watch Beyoncé’s formation video, that alone is a how-to-guide for anyone to love themselves and celebrate who they are. The woman said it ‘Slay trick, or you get eliminated’. Being confident is not the same as being narcissistic. Some people hate Kanye for being obnoxious (I agree), but I applaud him for being so unapologetic for celebrating his authenticity, and leading by example for the youth to be individuals who love themselves.

My go-to tip for learning to love yourself, is to do the following: Make a list of 5 things you love about yourself (internal and external). Beside it, make a list of 3 things about yourself you wish would be different. While celebrating your good qualities daily by reminding yourself of it, some write it on their bathroom mirrors, continue to work on improving the things about yourself that you don’t like. Now, don’t pull a Kylie Jenner and get artificial duck lips, no shade but real shade, a plastic surgeon isn’t the answer.

On that note, stay tuned for my book launching hopefully by mid next year, on the topic of confidence (please buy it).

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