Graduate Series - Patience is overrated

A few days ago, someone said an interesting quote ‘patience is the art of waiting, while having a good attitude despite your current circumstances’, well something of that sort. At first, I laughed but then I thought to myself, there is a lot of truth to that quote. I have never been a patient person, it is not in my DNA. My parents are both very impatient people, so the genetics transcended very quickly. That is why, whenever I see people who are patient and easy going about not knowing their next life outcomes, I always admire them.

More recently, my patience has been tested in many ways. I am a very qualified masters graduate who can’t seem to land a job in my field of interest. I have been to many networking events, reached out to God knows how many people on LinkedIn for informational interviews, sent so many job applications and got called in for a few job interviews, yet no job offer. Rejection is such a norm in my life at this point, that I went from crying when receiving a job rejection to now laughing it off. My patience was initially at an all time low, but now, I am confronted with the reality of transitioning into adulthood. Life does not move as quick as I would like it too. I am learning to be okay with it.

Now the second part of the quote ‘while having a good attitude despite your current circumstances’, BIG STRUGGLE! Lately, I find myself constantly complaining about my current life circumstances not turning out the way I want it too, and I am quickly realizing that my friends and family love me, but no one cares enough to hear me complain all of the time. In all fairness, I have food and shelter, I am twenty 25 with a masters degree, I live in Canada, I constantly post fabulous social media pictures, so my life is not exactly miserable. That is when I quickly realized, I needed a major attitude change.

Lesson learned:
  1. Everyone is going through their own challenges, they may not share it with you or vocalize it, but you’re problems are not the centre of the earth.
  2. Your current life circumstances do not have to define your entire identity, so take this time to work on yourself (fitness, read books, volunteer, blog, etc.), while waiting for the right door to open.
  3. There is a time to complain, to mourn, to rejoice. However, do not dwell in your misery, as a security blanket. Let out your frustrations to the right people, then take pragmatic steps towards moving forward.

Again, I am no Oprah or Dr. Phil, just a girl who finds herself in situations of frustrations and wants to save you from becoming a Debby-downer.

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