What do you love about yourself?

I really think that we live in a society that demonizes you for vocalizing how much you love yourself; narcissistic disorder is often confused for self-love? That’s bull. Unless you have a psychotherapy doctorate and can make such diagnostics, please check your facts first. Especially for women, we are often told to be apologetic for loving our natural selves, even Kendrick Lamar calls us to love ‘real women with some stretch marks’, yet the amount of time I have asked my girlfriends two or three things they love about themselves and I never get a response, it is sad. When I ask my girlfriends things about themselves that they are insecure about, or could improve, the list is so long that it is straight up sad. So today, I asked 10 of my friends who I adore, to share one internal and one external trait they love about themselves?

Natasha, 24 

Internally, I like my assertiveness because most of the time it gets you what you want, need, and/or deserve. Externally, I like my natural double eyelids! 

Eyeliners are a breeze. 


As a proud Guatemalan and Mexican woman I have learned to love and embrace my dark features and curves. I enjoy being ethnically ambiguous and having people always wondering if I am Middle Eastern or Latina. I love my crazy curly hair and my golden skin color. I love my unique sense of style and the colorful gypsy fashion I wear. Some of the internal traits that I like about myself are my confidence and strong sense of self. I know exactly who I am, what I want to do with my life, and where I’d like to end up. I love my heart for children and my passion for helping people. I have a voracious appetite for literature and it only serves to amplify my curious mind and inquisitive nature. I love how important family and friends are to me and the lengths that I would go for someone whom I love. Everything about me from my wardrobe choices, to the way I carry myself, to the confidence in which I speak my mind; it can all be described as unapologetically bold- which is what I like most about myself.

Erika, 27

When asked what my top physical trait would be, I'd probably say my eyes! As for my character trait I'd say my caring nature! I love to help take care of people or serve people! It gives me meaning and loving people is what I'm passionate about! Whether it is working with homeless youth or taking care of orphan babies, my heart to love and care for people in need is my passion.

LEAH, 23

Physically, what I love about myself physically is that my look exudes the pure beauty of a black woman. The plumpness of my lips, my big nose (and yes I call my nose with pride because it's a feature that we black women were taught to hate), the richness of my melanin that brings out my mahogany complexion, the kinks and curls of my hair; everything about my natural raw look shows how outstandingly beautiful black women are. 

Internally, my favourite character trait that I possess is discipline. My discipline has literally built the foundation of my character. I am morning person because I am disciplined I believe that waking up early allows you to outline your day and accomplish more goals. My discipline has allowed to work full time and do school full time. My discipline has allowed me to organize every aspect of my life. Overall discipline is what makes me firm and assertive in all that I do! 


I like that I am very loyal. Every since I was little, I would have trouble understanding how friends could just stop being friends to each other. I’ve always had the midst that when you love or care about someone, whether it be a friend or your family, you have their backs and you stick with them through thick and thin. Once I am somebody’s friend, I will be their friend to the end. Externally, I like my hair. I’ve had it long mod of my life and I like that it’s different. Whether it’s straight or curly, I’ve learned to love and appreciate its uniqueness and embrace it!

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