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 Welcome to my website! For a long time, people suggested that I should build my brand through a blog or a YouTube Channel. Immediately, those ideas were rejected. I treasure my time. I see those dope fashion bloggers using their time creating impeccable content but for me I envisioned something different. I know myself and I have the habit of becoming excited on projects then dropping it next season. However, as the seasons continues to change, so did mine. I gave it a try. Within five months, I produced over 50 blog contents. With everything in my life taking a complete turn of events. I figured it is a perfect time for me to finally launch my own website. Let’s dig right in …

First, with much reflection, I have come to the conclusion that I am the Beyoncé of Global Health (what I studied in school). I slay (#Health). Second, to quote the queen Bey herself ‘A diva is a female version of a hustler’; I love the business industry and want to explore the space of entrepreneurship and work-life (#Hustle). Lastly, just like the video #Formation was a source of inspiration for my TEDx talk, I too bear the responsibility to create a platform that will inspire others to be their best self (#Inspire). This is why I created this website, to have an authentic platform to share my thoughts, dreams, aspirations and learnings with the world.

My name is Nohémie (Pronounced like you’re yelling at a kid called Amy ‘NO-AMY!’), I am a proud daughter of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and just as proud, to be a Canadian citizen. After earning two university degrees, one in Arts and Science bachelors, the second in my Masters of Public Health within the global health concentration, I am now stepping out of the academic bubble into the real world. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, good for the most part but challenging at times. I pursued a career in global health after witnessing far too many inequities (not inequalities, although that’s a battle in itself) in my country of birth. The unfair treatment of women in Congo and most third worlds, pushed me to desire to pursue a career that challenged this system. This system continues to put the wellbeing of vulnerable populations in underserved settings, at harm. I’ll stop right there, before I start reciting MLK ‘I have a dream’ speech.

Outside of global health, I consider myself to be business-savvy, at least that’s what I’ve been told. I also love inspiring others to be their best self and really understand their authentic full potential. The latter, is especially important for young people of colour lacking role models. Like the recent (2016) American political votes have shown the world, we still live in a white-privileged world. It’s important for people to come to my website, and know that ‘If I can do it, so can you’. This is pretty much Beyoncé’s speech at the 2017 grammys. Yes I am obsessed with Bey, and looking forward to one day sippin’ mimosa's with her in New York in their Manhattan apartment with Jay, of course.

Be a quarter Afro-Brazilian, a quarter Dannish, a quarter Cambodian and a quarter Mauritius.  I would have a 6.4 feet, handsome, nerdy boyfriend with impeccable social-introvert skills, who holds a university degree in a very boring yet smart field like engineering or nano-tech physics (whatever that is, I heard about it on Big Bang Theory). But he can quote Drake’s latest album on Q. I would own four of my very own medium-size hospitals in Congo, that would be self-sufficient without relying on external funds, but would not charging poor populations exacerbated clinical cost. However, at the moment I have to be content with thinking of myself as Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle reincarnated child, with Beyoncé fierceness, and Dambisa Moyo’s tenacity; I think you all see where I am going with this.

K. I’ll stop now.

Upon my graduation after my masters, many great things happen. I spoke at TEDx, took part in a Young Women in Business panel and traveled back to Congo to do some global health consultancy work at the community-level in the Bukavu region (most gorgeous place in the DRC). However, life decided to take it’s on toll.  

I stopped myself and reflected on myself. Who I do I want to be? What are my short/medium goals? I understood that it was okay to refocus myself on other matters when the initial plan failed. During my academic journey, I recognized the university bubble (as I like to call it), trains robots. Harsh, but true. I don’t think in a linear fashion. My peers would be okay with absorbing boring and convoluted academic jargon, memorize it and repeat it for exams. I, on the other hand, was far more of a visual learner. In a program like Public Health that attracts (unhealthy) idealists who benefit from capitalism but act like they hate money, I catch myself being like that too sometimes. I sat in class mentally strategizing on how we leverage from the private sector to invest in social-public-health programs in underserved populations.

This is exactly what my website will be about, ME! I believe to have multiple fun sub-personalities within one body (lol), and my blog will be reflective of that:

Changing the game of Global Health → #Health
I am a Diva; a female version of a Hustler (Entrepreneurship) → #Hustle
I am a motivator wanting to inspire → #Inspire
Talking to people who fascinate me → #LetsTalk

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  1. Great post with a good sense of humor! I feel like I really got to know you more through this post than the two years of training in Global health!! Keep it up, NO AMY!!!




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